Have you been storing your coffee beans in the wrong place for years?

A study has been undertaken by researchers at the University of Bath to test the theory that storing coffee beans in a freezer preserves their freshness for longer. The study concluded that this is in fact true but not only that, they also found that by freezing them this also creates a better taste from the beans.

This is because when frozen beans are grinded they’re more likely to produce a more uniform grind which leads to an easier and fuller extraction of the coffee. The study researched the difference in flavour from room temperature, all the way down to -320 degrees Fahrenheit and found that the colder they are stored, the more flavoursome the beans will be.

Due to the grind being more consistent it means that it makes the brewing process more efficient as it will take less time for the water to filter through but still achieving a great tasting coffee.

If you’re a big fan on the flavour of your coffee then this information should matter quite a lot to you! Maybe it’s time to move your coffee beans to the freezer…