Hot Chocolate

cocao The cocoa used in our Luxury Puro Fairtrade Hot Chocolate is grown under the canopy of tall trees native to the Dominican Republic. The creation of this rich and creamy product is ateam effort, produced by a co-operative made up of 10,000 small Dominican Republic based cocoa farmers, harmonising the fruits of their labour, the local climate and soil with a shared passion for chocolate.

Bellevue Tea

bellevue These beautiful, soothing teas journey from around the world to be shared at Cornish Coffee. Bellevue Tea is an independent, family-run tea company in London who have enjoyed 30 years at the heart of the tea trade. We are pleased to have welcomed them into the Cornish fold.

Crich Wafers

crichOrganic wafers made in Italy melt on the tongue, letting loose an exquisite cocoa cream centre. An outstanding accompaniment with your coffee and tea, and the lemon vanilla variation is to die for.

Bolero Grey Chocolate Machine

Bolero-Hot-Chocolate-MachineSumptuous hot chocolate indulgence is at your fingertips with this new, modern machine, exhibiting a contemporary design and chic stainless steel finish. Also suitable for making coffee, tea and soup, it comes with two canisters – one for chocolate or coffee, one for hot water – plus a range of exciting features, such as an LED-lit digital menu, rinsing mode and descale indicator, plastic drip tray and energy saving mode. It is available in stunning metallic grey or white.

Furniss Biscuits

furniss A delightfully moreish treat with a crunchy texture and subtly spicy edge, Cornish Fairings from Furniss Biscuits is Cornwall’s most famous biscuit. Its name comes from the tradition of little presents called ‘fairings’ at the Cornish Corpus Christi and Whitsuntide fairs. Its taste comes from a unique, time-honoured blend of ginger, cinnamon, coriander, pimento and natural lemon, with some secret special touches thrown in.