In recent times, coffee has become more and more popular. This means that the amount of disposable coffee cups used, has also risen and has lead to huge amount of waste. The estimated amount of waste created by coffee users is around 2.5 billion disposable cups, every year. This is a big problem.

Coffee shops now see how much of a problem this is and have started to encourage customers to recycle.

PAUL, a coffee chain, is offering incentives to customers to encourage them to recycle. They are offering a 10p discount to those that bring their own reusable coffee cups. They are also selling their own reusable cups in store.

Pret A Manger are also providing a discount, but of 25p, to those that bring their own reusable coffee cups. This is only a trial at the moment, which will run till the end of the month.

Finally, Costa are also providing a discount of 25p to those that use a reusable coffee cup. Not only this, they are also asking for consumers to bring any disposable coffee cups they have to any Costa store and they will be recycled.

A study has been undertaken to investigate whether this environmental push will help cut down waste. The study showed that this initiative should cut the waste by around 300 million cups per year, which is great news!

Hopefully all can get on board and start to cut the amount of waste left by coffee users.