When you thought you had seen it all, the “Avolatte” appears and you question society.

The Avolatte is, as you guessed it, a latte in an empty avocado shell. Even though the drink was intentionally created as a tongue-in-cheek joke towards Millennials’ food habits, the latte has become quite popular.

The Truman Cafe in Melbourne, Australia, is the birthplace of this drink and stated that it only started as a video on Instagram, with no intention of selling the latte. However, people have been asking for them, where the cafe has kindly accommodated to their requests and charged the same price as a normal latte.

This latte was purposely made after an interview with millionaire Tim Gurner, who mentioned that Millennials should stop purchasing avocado and fancy coffee, if they want to own their own home, which was obviously met with a lot negative backlash. The popularity of the coffee could be a fun way of “rebelling” against the older generation that believe Millennials can’t eat avocado if they want their own house.

Reports have suggested that the drink doesn’t actually taste that great, but if you’re wanting to rebel in a unique way, then the avolatte is just the thing for you.