Cornwall’s food products, like Cornish clotted cream, Cornish ice cream and the county’s most iconic dish, the Cornish pasty, seem to possess a quality and allure that other UK dishes lack. Perhaps it’s the fresh air, the lush, fertile lands, the clean seas and the artisan traditions that Cornish people hold dear that give their food and drink the unique taste we’re so attracted to.


Cornish coffee is fast becoming one of those Cornish products that encapsulates the flavour of the country. Our signature blend, Hand Roasted in Cornwall, was the first artisan blend to be produced at our purpose-built Cornish roastery, and is roasted by hand rather than computer by our specialist in-house roasters. Most commercial roasting is done on a large scale from afar, and because coffee post-roasting has an optimal shelf life of only two weeks, artificial preservation methods are required to prevent the coffee from going stale. This means it’s never as fresh or refined as coffee that’s come straight from the roaster, which Hand Roasted in Cornwall does.


Moreover, the blend uses smaller machines and less than 10kg of beans per roast, refining the taste of the coffee even further. This time-honoured method is a slower process, but for those who truly love and appreciate the complexities of coffee, it’s the right path to take.


Roasting is what turns green coffee beans that rich, glistening, burnt umber colour, and gives the beans their characteristic flavour. Roasting is therefore the most important stage of coffee production before the cup. Roasters must adopt a meticulous process, because even the smallest variation can be fatal to a good cup of coffee. That is why our roasters take their jobs so seriously, and why they are helping make Cornish Coffee a coveted Cornish brand just like the famous pasty.


Photo Credit: Tia Dougal, Cornish Coffee