Well if you haven’t, now may be time to do so!

An independent research study, that was commissioned by Strong Vend, revealed that the average office worker drinks 14 cups of coffee a week, whilst at work, equating to more than £1,500 per year, whereas workers that have access to an office coffee machine save £300 per year on that sum.

The study was undertaken on a whole range of different age groups in the London area with a pretty even split of male to female participants.

The highest spenders where directors at £2,000 a year, then managers at £1,800 a year and the normal office worker at £850 a year. This information has been brought to light at a time where coffee prices are also expected to rise based on economic issues.

A main trend that also appeared from this study was that over half of the participants used coffee as a motivator for them during working hours. Adding all these factors together such as lower costs for employees, a rising price in coffee and coffee being a motivator for employees, it shows a growing need for business owners to acquire a coffee machine for their business.