Coffee shops are normally associated with an atmosphere and somewhere to socialise. However, at Cafe X this is not the case. At the cafe in San Francisco, they have eliminated the baristas and replaced them with a robot.

This may sound a bit strange but when you look at the benefits it may not be so strange after all. As there is no human wage to cover, it means that the coffee is cheaper than your average coffee shop. It also means sugar and flavoured syrups are free as well. To add to this, the robot can serve 2 coffees at a time in under a minute. This makes it ideal for grabbing a coffee whilst on the go.

On the other hand, due to no human presence it means the coffees are made by a pour and serve machine and not a traditional coffee machine. You may be thinking that this will make the coffee less flavoursome? However, according to reports, consumers have been pleasantly surprised by the taste of their coffee. Some have attributed this to the freshly ground coffee and correct temperature of milk.

It appears that Cafe X seems to be very well suited for providing a coffee on the go, but if you’re looking for somewhere with an atmosphere and to socialise, then Cafe X is not the place for you. This is because it is tucked away in a shopping centre with only a couple of tables and chairs. This could be seen as eliminating the essence of a cafe.

Its clear that this new development could be very popular but it depends what you’re looking for when you purchase your coffee.