Ever since coffee was first served in a takeaway cup it seems there has been a discussion surrounding the topic as to whether takeaway coffee actually tastes the same as coffee served in-house. Hopefully this blog will give you a bit more information on the matter.

There really is a difference in the taste of your coffee when it is served to you in a takeaway cup instead of a china cup, if you don’t believe us, try it for yourself! You may be thinking that the barista may have had a bad day etc. but there is actually a very simple reason as to why they taste different. The simple factor is the lid on the takeaway cup. This because the lid is trapping all the amazing coffee aromas inside the cup and therefore making the coffee taste less flavoursome. This isn’t just a myth, it has been proved by science that our sense of smell does actually contribute a lot towards brining out the full flavour of anything that we consume.

Not only does the lid stop the aroma of the coffee  but also the texture. For example if you have a cappuccino which is sipped through a small hole, it will make it more difficult to get the full creamy texture that a cappuccino normally brings. However some companies have tried to combat this issue by developing a new lid with an extra hole in the top so you can smell the coffee more easily and receive a fuller flavour. A quick solution to this problem, apart from buying lids with extra holes in them, would be to poke a hole in your ordinary lid yourself, but be careful not to pour hot coffee over yourself!