Coffee has grown in popularity during the last decade, with many of us benefiting from a cup of coffee to go while on our way to work, and enjoying the benefits of a coffee machine at home. Coffee really does give us that pick me up when it’s needed, as well as enabling us to sit around a table in our favourite coffee shop and chat with friends. But what about those coffee myths that pop up every now and again? Should we really believe that coffee will keep us awake and help us to lose weight? Well, below we explore 4 common coffee myths.

1. You should always use boiling water

The myth that you must always use boiled water on coffee grounds is an old one. Pouring boiling water over your coffee is what gives it that burnt taste, as the coffee has been scorched. It’s also responsible for extracting the oil from the coffee, that then gives it an overly bitter taste. The ideal temperature is around 90 degrees Celsius.

2. Coffee will sober you up

Sadly, drinking coffee does not sober you up. You may feel better and more alert due to the caffeine, but you won’t be sober. In fact, a combination of coffee and alcohol can actually lower inhibitions and give you a false sense of security, and of being in control of your decisions. It’s best to stick to water.

3. Coffee and weight loss

Coffee alone will not shed those pounds, but it can help to slightly raise your metabolism, which in turn burns fat quicker. But, this increase in metabolism is minimal and not enough alone to make you lose weight.

4. Drinking coffee in the afternoon affects sleep

Many people believe that drinking coffee in the afternoon can lead to insomnia. But, this isn’t true. It takes between four to six hours for the liver to process the caffeine, so as long as you don’t drink coffee in the late afternoon or early evening, then you’ll be fine.

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