Yes you read that correctly, someone has managed to create a phone case that actually allows you to make an expresso, from your smartphone case!

For all the coffee lovers out there, it seems like a dream come true, because it is! The case acts as a type of pod machine, but instead of pods, you insert a small thin wafer. The case then safely warms the wafer up, through an app on your phone, which creates the espresso, then and there. The espresso can then be poured out through a small hole in the top of the case.

There are a range of different versions of the case that will fit Samsung’s, iPhone’s and many others. Furthermore, when the case is purchased, it comes with a small pop up espresso cup which can be used as a keyring, to save as much space as possible.

The Italian company named Smart K, started trialling this product at first on Kickstarter, but due to its popularity they have scrapped the campaign and have started full production. The case will be available for pre order in the near future and is expected to retail at around £67.

Seems too good to be true!