Do you drink proper coffee at your office, or do you settle for instant?

Some offices only offer instant. Some offices have a cafetière, so the option of a proper coffee is there. But a cafetière is still limited, producing only one type of coffee, with no capacity for steaming or frothing milk or making espresso-based drinks. There is an increasing demand for more than instant coffee, and for more than cafetière-rendered filter coffee. 21st century office workers are extraordinarily busy people. They’re looking for the best coffee they can get.

But what’s the answer? At Cornish Coffee, we have made it practical and entirely feasible to bring the complete coffee bar experience into your office. Our top-of-the-range Italian coffee machines are marvels of innovation, traversing technological boundaries yet remaining user-friendly at all times. Unlike a cafetière, our machines can make any type of coffee you like, from espressos and macchiatos to mochas and frothy lattes. Whilst our Barista Training programme will teach your staff how to brew the perfect coffee, firstly by shining a light on the story behind the cup.

“We believe the best coffee is produced by those who understand and appreciate its complexities,” says Clare Dougal, Regional Director of Cornish Coffee. “Our Barista Training will turn an office novice into a coffee expert in no time at all.”

Additionally, by investing in new coffee experiences with us, you also invest in better and more environmentally friendly coffee. Our exclusive brands include Puro, an organic, fair-trade, shade-grown traditional coffee. Profits from the sale of Puro are ploughed back into the Amazonian rainforest – the ‘lungs of the earth’ – which is where Puro begins its life. The money is used to purchase and protect large expanses of rainforest, giving new sanctuary to long-threatened flora and fauna. So each time you make a Puro coffee with one of our machines, you’re helping to save the rainforest as well.

And finally, recent studies have shown that high-quality coffee is actually very good for you, reducing your risk of heart disease, diabetes and depression – another reason why you need it in the office. With Cornish Coffee, you can make the coffee at your office a reason to come into work, thereby boosting morale and productivity in your staff, and cohesion in your team.

After all, nothing’s more unifying than great coffee.