We all love a well-made brew, but there are more uses for ground coffee than your morning cuppa. Coffee can also be a wonderful ingredient to cook with. Here are just four ideas to get you more creative in the kitchen.

Coffee rubbed beef

If you have a really lovely joint of beef, then take it to the next level by making a coffee rub. Mix a couple of tablespoons of freshly ground coffee with about four tablespoons of brown sugar, two teaspoons of smoked paprika and ¾ of a teaspoon of chilli powder, then massage it into the meat and roast as you normally would.

Beetroot salad with a balsamic coffee glaze

Trust us, this works a treat! The earthiness and sweetness of the beetroot go really well with the sharpness of a balsamic, coffee-infused glaze. Roast your beetroots until tender while you prepare the glaze, by mixing 120ml of freshly brewed coffee with the same amount of balsamic vinegar and two tablespoons of honey. Boil it until it has reduced and taken on a syrupy consistency, then pour it over the beetroot and top with ground walnuts.

Chilli and coffee con carne

We all have a go-to chilli con carne recipe, but you could try jazzing up the family favourite by adding some freshly brewed coffee into the mix instead of the more standard stock. This gives the extra depth of flavour, and it also works well in veggie alternatives using meat substitutes.

Coffee roasted carrots

This works best with fresh whole beans and fairly small carrots, such as the Chantenay variety. Toss the carrots with a glug of olive oil and some minced garlic, then season and set aside. Heat a frying pan and when it’s good and hot, add about 90g of fresh coffee beans and remove from the heat. Give them a bit of a shake until they look oily, then add in the carrots, cover with foil and slow roast for a couple of hours, until they’re tender and have absorbed the lovely coffee oil.

Who knew coffee could be such a versatile ingredient? Try rustling up a few of these and you’ll soon be converted to its culinary uses.