Just when you thought coffee couldn’t get any weirder, up pops a refreshing summer alternative. The brazen lovechild of the iced Americano and a classic G&T, this drink is the perfect tipple when staying away from the strong stuff. That bitter bite, refreshing acidity and incredible sweetness all combine to delight the tastebuds, while the fizz just tickles those sleepy neurons back to life.

So, what’s in this espresso tonic?

Simply, a double shot of espresso made long over iced tonic.

Legend has it that this delicious beverage was birthed over a decade ago in Oslo. One hazy morning, after a work party, a partied-out coffee lover was struck by the proverbial lightbulb of inspiration and ventured to mix leftover tonic with coffee, adding a dash of syrup. Its popularity grew in Scandinavia, Europe and America and it became a surprising alternative to the regular iced coffee. First coming to the UK via Soho, the espresso tonic has spread through festivals and independent cafes and is now available at high street chains. The simple process of making a coffee tonic lends itself to whipping one up at home.

How do I make this delectable drink then?

Fill a large glass with plenty of ice and pour the tonic. Make the espresso and pour it onto the ice. Garnish with citrus if desired – it’s delightfully simple.

However, do pay some attention to your selection of ingredients. The espresso can be substituted with cold brew coffee, which makes sense if you are in a hurry or serving several guests. The connoisseur may wish to note that when making the espresso tonic with cold brew, this does not create the treasured microfoam, or crema, which is thought by some to be integral for peak enjoyment of this trendy drink.

Your choice of coffee is far from irrelevant here either. As usual, it is best to select single origin, fairtrade coffee. For this drink, coffee with a fruity note blends well with the tonic.

What are you waiting for? Make your own version of this highly instagrammable and intensely delicious summer coffee today.