Summer is just around the corner but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your daily coffee. Here’s some of our favourite cold coffees to enjoy in the warm weather and sunshine which you can make at home or pick up from your favourite cafe or barista.

1. Iced cappuccino

Iced cappuccinos have been making their way into the mainstream cafes and barista menus. A soft and silky foam that you have in a regular cappuccino but made with cold milk, enjoy the contrast of sharp espresso with the sweetness of milk in a cold drink.

2. Cold brew coffee

Something you can make at home with a brewed coffee made with cold water rather than hot. When you use cold water, less acidic and bitter tastes are extracted – giving you a smoother taste. You can even use home coffee roasters to make cold brew batch coffee that the whole office can enjoy!

3. Vietnamese iced coffee

A traditional south Asian drink made with strong coffee and sweet condensed milk, this type of coffee is ideal for a hot day or an after dinner drink when you’re looking for a sweet treat. You can find it in specialist cafes but it can also easily be made at home or in the office.

4. Instant coffee

Shake up dark roast instant coffee, sugar and water in a jar before pouring over cold milk and you have an easy homemade ice cappuccino! Shake together until your mixture is foamy enough to create a cold latte.

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