Summer has arrived which means that it’s the best time of year to sit back and relax while you sip on a coffee cocktail, soaking up the rays. Here are some of our favourite coffee cocktails that you can make at home or enjoy on a night out.

1. Affogato Cocktail

Invented by Simon Difford in 2013 for Jamie’s Italian Bars, this indulgent cocktail is sure to become a firm favourite. Based on the famous Italian dessert of the same name, this after dinner drink combines chocolate and coffee with ice-cream, appropriately strengthened with a dash of grappa and garnished with coffee beans.

2. Patriota

The UAE Bacardi Legacy 2016 winning cocktail created by Laura Marnich is a heartfelt tribute to Emilio Bacardi Moreau, the son of Facundo Bacardi who founded the Bacardi rum distillery in 1862. Combining ingredients such as Cafecito Cubano (Cuban beverage), Bacardi Carta Blanca, chocolate cream liquor, Fernet Branca Menta and finished with a sprig of mint, this legacy winning cocktail is guaranteed to transport you to the colourful island of Cuba.

3. Espresso Martini

One of the most famous cocktails, this sought-after drink was created by Dick Bradsell in 1983. This legendary cocktail includes vodka, coffee liquor, espresso coffee and sugar syrup to give you that caffeinated boost.

4. Irish Coffee Cocktail

The equivalent to Irish Coffee, this martini version possesses all the flavour without getting a moustache. Created by Simon Difford in 2003, this cocktail offers flavours such as Irish whiskey, demerara sugar syrup and espresso coffee and is finished with a dash of single cream.

5. Coffee Coolatta

A dry bourbon-laced cocktail with a white tea and coconut head, this unique coffee cocktail was invented by Chris Amirault in Los Angeles. With the unusual ingredients of lemon and pineapple juice as well as coconut, this cocktail is sure to give you an exotic experience.

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