A study undertaken by Tetley to understand the profitability and use of Tea in the UK has found that Tea consumed out of home has doubled in 2016 alone.

Tetley reveal that tea is still the most consumed drink in the UK with an average of 4 cups consumed a day. British consumers are also now beginning to regard tea as a premium beverage due to the increase of different blends and flavours that are now available.

Over 45 year olds are also less likely to drink tea at different times of the day or in different situations, whereas younger consumers are more open to drinking tea in different situations. This means it may be worth targeting the younger generation. As there are not many out-of-home channels that tea doesn’t fit into, which is backed up by tea being the 2nd most popular drink in coffee shops, it seems as if tea is a good product area to get in to.

However, it seems as if tea is still not recognised for its potential so Tetley recommend to create different “occasions” for tea drinkers, by keeping track of trends to appeal to a wider demographic. For example coffee is associated with breakfast and a ‘pick me up’ which means that tea could also be associated with areas like this.

We will leave it to you to create your own occasions for tea.