Have you heard of Nitro Brew Coffee? Kind of sounds like rocket fuel to us but we would be wrong…

Nitro Brew coffee is a different take on your normal iced coffee, which has become very popular recently, so why would you mess with it? What makes this version different is that it is, as the name suggests, infused with nitrogen, which in turn changes the texture and also the taste. The texture becomes much smoother and the taste changes to a much creamier one. With this added sweetness, it means you won’t find it uncommon for people to drink this coffee without milk or sugar!

Nitro Brew coffee is kept very much the same was as beer, as in it is stored in a keg, pressurised and poured via a tap. This has paved the way for Nitro Brew coffee to be rolled out across a few coffee shops and bars in the UK, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Another comment made is that with the addition of nitrogen it means that the coffee to water ratio is a lot higher, which makes the Nitro Brew coffee a lot stronger but might also leads to higher absorption rates compared to your average cup of coffee.

Why not go try it for yourself?