Mushroom coffee is not only now a thing but also a superfood.

The creator of this wacky coffee is a Finnish man named Tero Isokauppila who claims that it is the “World’s healthiest coffee”, which is quite a statement! The mushroom coffee is made up of Matsutake mushrooms and coffee beans so it’s still got a majority taste of coffee making it easier to drink.

Now lets take a look at the reasons behind the claim of this being the worlds healthiest coffee! Tero claims that his mushroom coffee can increase productivity, making it useful for your normal working day but he also claims that the coffee doesn’t come with the normal negative side effects. Not only does it have these positives, it is also very useful at combatting insomnia and anxiety.

It seems to be quite a a great deal but maybe the mushrooms will make a difference to the taste. We’ll leave that to you to decide…