You can now print your face onto your latte or cappuccino!

A new machine named the Ripple Maker has been created which allows you to print an image of your choosing onto your coffee, which are known as ‘Ripples’. The technology is a combination of 3D printing and an ink-jet system which allows you to create your intricate designs on your coffee, using natural coffee extract.

By downloading the Ripple app, users can upload images from their own camera roll, choose already made images and also add features to images, all within the app.

Some features include:

  • Ripples are produced within 10 seconds
  • The system adjusts to the size of the cup being used
  • Users can search the content library for a design and can also add to the library

The Ripple Maker is priced at £640.00 which might seem reasonable to some but to others it might seem a bit steep seeing as though your barista can make beautiful latte artwork for no extra price.