In the latter months of 2014, Cornish Coffee commenced in-house hand roasting for the first time. Roasting is the most important stage in coffee production before the cup and can make or break a good quality cup of coffee. Consequently we are proud to have brought the roasting process in-house by installing a brand new roaster at the Redruth branch in Cornwall.

As with all our processes, roasting is scrupulously controlled at Cornish Coffee. Roasting is the stage where the coffee farmer’s hard work is honoured and celebrated. Therefore key elements such as weight, colour, moisture, leakage, aroma, extraction time and grinding size are checked meticulously throughout the process.

“We are pleased and excited to have commenced the important process of roasting at Cornish Coffee,” says Clare Dougal Regional Director of Cornish Coffee. “We have also launched two new coffees that are to be roasted and produced right here at the branch. We are certain that these brands will make Cornish coffee as famous as Cornish pasties.”

One of these brands, Freehand, takes drinkers on a journey around the world. This eminent and aromatic coffee strikes a different chord with the help of non-brand-heavy packaging and wonderfully eccentric artwork, which accentuates the coffee’s origin and celebrates it.

Meanwhile, our other new brand brings drinkers back home. This rich new coffee is appropriately named Hand Roasted in Cornwall and is a medium bodied espresso with fruit and nut tones, a chocolaty caramel bite and a touch of honey.

“Freehand is an artisan, high grade coffee aimed at the increasingly knowledgeable and demanding owners/operators within the UK coffee scene,” says Clare. “Hand Roasted in Cornwall is a quality artisan blend ideal for customers within the West Country and further afield looking for locally roasted coffees with provenance. We are proud to be adding these superb new coffees to our already expansive range.”