We have been talking to Joanne Trigg who is our Customer Care Supervisor. We have asked Joanne some questions to give you a better idea of her job and her opinion on some topics related to the coffee industry.

What does your job involve?

Making sure that all our customers are happy and providing excellent customer service.

How do you take your coffee? 

I tend to go for a flat white, especially when it is made with Puro Fairtrade Organic Fuerte coffee beans!

Favourite Coffee blend and why? 

Well my obvious choice is Puro Fairtrade Organic Fuerte coffee beans.

What do you love most about coffee?

That people have such passion for it that it can make them smile and always brings people closer together 🙂

Top barista or coffee tip?

Always ensure that the group handle is warmed through before filtering the coffee otherwise you won’t extract the full flavour and will also leave you with a cold coffee.

Biggest pet hate in the coffee industry?

Those who don’t order Cornish Coffee! And those that like to use Starbucks!