We have been talking to Clare Dougal the Regional Director for Cornish and Miko in the South West of the UK. We have asked Clare some questions to give you a better idea of her job and her opinion on some topics related to the coffee industry.

What does your job involve?

Running the Cornwall & Exeter branch & overall responsibility for Customer Care & Credit control for the group.

How do you take your coffee?

Cappuccino a beautiful classic, which is sure to allow you to still taste even the most delicate of coffee flavours.

Favourite Coffee blend and why?

Hand Roasted in Cornwall- its opened my eyes to artisan roasting.

What do you love most about coffee?

How passionate people are about it!

Top barista or coffee tip?

Keeping your espresso machine clean & looking good- Most machines are on show & if its kept immaculate people will have faith in the drinks you serve.

Biggest pet hate in the coffee industry?

Dirty steam arms- urghhhh!!