We have been talking to Chris Wills who is our Regional Sales Manager for the South West. We have asked Chris some questions to give you a better idea of his job and his opinion on some topics related to the coffee industry.

What does your job involve?

Managing the sales team in the South West and Cornwall and promoting our brand.

How do you take your coffee?

I like to keep it simple, so I tend to go for a flat white.

Favourite coffee blend and why?

Cornish Espresso number 1, simply because it’s the best coffee we produce and it’s roasted by us!

What do you love most about coffee?

I love the fact that since having our own in house roastery I have been fortunate enough to taste some amazing coffees from around the world giving me the opportunity to offer these to our customers.

Top barista or coffee tip?

Looking after the beans is the key to producing great coffee. This includes not leaving the beans in the grinder hopper for too long otherwise they can lose their rich flavour.

Biggest pet hate in the coffee industry?

There is always a huge variation in the way a flat white coffee is made and tastes, not enough consistency.