The coffee philosophy has always been the fresher the better. The quicker the beans are delivered, the better. The quicker the beans are roasted, the better. The closer the beans are ground before using, the better. So why is there now a coffee farm arguing that fermenting the beans could actually create better quality beans?

Mariano Martins is the coffee farmer responsible for this experimental technique. The new technique was adapted from a way to combat the humidity that is present in Brazil. Martins has become an expert in microbiology which developed from visiting a farm in Colombia, where he learnt their techniques of how to combat the humidity. Since there he has now hired a biologist and chemistry engineer to further his studies.

Fermenting may sound like a horrible word but let us explain what happens when fermenting coffee. Microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria are used to slow the oxidisation process which takes place in coffee. In normal English, this means the coffee beans will actually lost longer if they are fermented before shipping. The fermentation process does create different tastes within the coffee such as dehydrated bananas and according to reports hints of tutti frutti!

The coffee beans are now available to purchase in small multi coloured tins, so keep an eye out if you want to give it a go!