Whether you’re grabbing something on the go, working out of the office or settling down for a catch up with friends, there is no denying that cake will provide the perfect accompaniment to your coffee. But the question is, which one? Your local coffee shop will undoubtedly have a vast array of sweet treats on offer, but you want to choose the one which perfectly complements your barista-crafted coffee for a satisfyingly scrumptious treat.

Flat white and a brownie
This traditional duo work beautifully together. Most flat whites come with a double shot of espresso as standard providing a bitter flavour. This is accompanied with foamed milk leading to a creamier overall taste. The intense cocoa and subtle sweetness of a densely gooey chocolate brownie will offset the overall bitterness, leaving your taste buds tingling in a blissful happy medium.

Cappuccino and coffee cake
This combination is for those who enjoy coffee but prefer to enjoy it in a less intense form. A sweet buttercream topped coffee cake is the perfect accompaniment to your milder tasting cappuccino.

Americano and lemon drizzle cake
If you didn’t fancy milk in your coffee then there’s a good chance you don’t want your cake to be lathered in cream either. This one is perfect if you love bold, simple flavours as there are only really two flavours at play here. The fruity sweetness of the lemon drizzle cake is an exciting antithesis to the bitter americano and will leave your mouth watering.

Latte and millionaire’s shortbread
Definitely the combo for those of you with a sweet tooth! Lattes are made with only a small amount of espresso plus steamed and foamed milk. This gives a much creamier and sweeter taste to the coffee which marries perfectly with the sweet caramel within the millionaire’s shortbread. The shortbread itself is usually a crumbly texture that’s much milder in flavour, allowing the palate some respite.

Americano and a scone
Forget cream teas, for coffee lovers this is the way forward! Now we know this is controversial, but we urge you to try it and see for yourself. No doubt you’ve already piled your scone high with jam and Cornish clotted cream, an undeniably perfect pair. However, you don’t want to over complicate things and assault your tastebuds, so keep it simple and enjoy.