Love coffee and wine? Well this may be the best drink you will ever have!

A cafe in California is responsible for the creation of this unique blend. It took them two and half years to perfect, with the help of John Weaver, a “Master Roaster” at Wild Card Roasters.

Many have tried to combine the two before but none, until now, have been able to successfully infuse coffee beans with wine. This is done by initially soaking dried coffee beans in wine then roasting them. According to reports, the coffee can be drunk in any which way you wish. However, the best results come when it is served with milk.

Not only does this coffee have a great taste, but it could also be good for health as well. Both coffee and wine are known to contain antioxidants, which supposedly fight off cancer. This means you will be getting a double shot of antioxidants!

It is also important to note that most of the wine evaporates when roasting, meaning having a little tipple won’t make you tipsy!